Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Worldedit II

I was going to create a theme for the next worldedit entry, but so many amusing instances popped up that I had to include all of them.

On my son's charming fleece vest, there's a fox head surrounded with one phrase in triplicate:

Little Explorer * Little Explorer * Little Expolorer

(Perhaps this vest's manufacturer despises polo shirts.)

Driving to the airport, Sparrow and I noticed a road sign. It had two sides:

Autumn Dr * Autumm Dr

(It had been fixed by the time we returned from Florida.)

I couldn't help it. While alone in the nursery at my grandmother's church, I noticed a bulletin board with the modus operandi. It included:

Please us the door to the hallway and not the sanctuary.
Insure that the crib side is up when the crib is occupied.

(I couldn't see what was so pleasing about the hall door, and I've never heard of putting insurance on crib rails. In my ignorance, I corrected the bulletin with my trusty blue pen.)

Once in a while I read directions. So I took a look at an assignment meant to make its students into better writers:

Each class Dan will collect a nimber of reading journals for grading and comments.

(Unfortunately, there were no instructions on how to choose a "class Dan." Or what medieval unit of measurement a "nimber" is.)

Last but not least, here's an advertisement I saw while reading Paglia's latest article at the Salon. Which of the F-words is the most Foolish?

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