Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Shivers and Anguish

We just got two new fantasies which have us both in shivers and anguish, and I really want to share them with you, so you can shiver too.

The first is Robin Hobb's Dragon Keeper. It's the beginning of a series set in the same world as her Assassins, Ships, and Tawny Man trilogies. Specifically, it focuses on the Rain Wilds, and from the character list at the beginning, includes some old Ships characters. As the Ships books are our favorites in this particular Hobb universe, we are understandably aquiver with anticipation. Now if only Hobb can recover from her Soldier Son novels...

The second book is Except the Queen, by Jane Yolen and Midori Snyder, from a short story of the same name in the award-winning Fair Folk compilation. Easily the best of the stories, Except the Queen captured our imaginations -- and those of the publisher, no doubt. We were ecstatic when we learned it was to be transformed into a full-length novel. Hopefully the fruit of the promising flower will be as lovely. Again, shivers.

Now you might ask why, with such potentially wonderful novels in our collective grasp, we are also in anguish. Ah, my friends, it is simple:

We don't have time to read them until this weekend.



Maybe we can give up eating. Or showering. Or read in the shower. I wonder if there are waterproof editions...


  1. Sounds delightful! I'll have to remember the authors for when I finish my current series (My mother in law has introduced me to Pern...I'm enjoying so far!) or at least remember to find my way back here to find the authors.

    And I have seen a waterproof Bible, so I know water proof editions must be possible...if you can talk the publisher into it ;-D

  2. I believe you are looking for a http://www.durabooks.com . They're pretty spiffy - besides being waterproof, they're recyclable.

  3. Read while eating. They even sell rigs for it.