Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I receive, from time to time, missives from King Arthur Flour, a delightful little company in Vermont. They first attracted me with their tasty bread machine mixes, and they have kept me by feeding my foodie needs. Today, however, they have made me happier than ever before. Today, my friends, they published a recipe on how to make real NYC black and white cookies. My favorite cookie. My most favorite cookie. I cannot extol its virtues sufficiently. Think on it: a soft, lemon cookie, half of it coated with just the right amount of sweet, sugary vanilla icing, the other half lovingly draped in a more robust chocolate icing. Is there anything more wonderful in the cookie world? No, I say. Assuredly no. So-- time to start baking.

Here, for the curious, is the recipe.

And here is a picture of how they'll (I hope) turn out:

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  1. I, too, love black and white cookies, but I daresay the rainbow cookie could give the black and white a run for its money. If, of course, it had money. Which it doesn't. Because it's a cookie. ::sigh:: (And yes, Rose, I realize those were all sentence fragments.)

    Hope you're all doing well, and I love the new blog!