Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I used to be one of those annoying little children who corrected people when they put prepositions at the ends of sentences. Or used adjectives in place of adverbs. As a matter of fact, I still correct people, though I get paid to do it. The big difference between being a prick of a youth and an editor is that editing makes a person very much aware of how much we all mangle English. It isn't hard to do!

That said, I refuse to join the Ben Franklins of the world who love painfully phonetic spelling and have moved "beyond" punctuation. This is partly self-preservation: if I refuse to see what professionals consider errors, I'm out of the job. So, too, I love good communication. English, when written well, is a beautiful thing to behold.

Thus, while I now avoid correcting people in public (unless asked), I still take pains to notice English... shall we say "deviations"? That brings me to this blog. I've found that while most people hate being corrected, they like to titter over the mistakes of others; I'm no different. So here is the glorious new label, "worldedit," wherein I make fun of the English of my fellow nameless humans. Click the label on the right side of the screen for grammar, syntax, and spelling joy.

First batch of botched English!

Typed on a bright orange sticker on the front of Adobe Photoshop Elements 7:

US $20 Mail-in Upgade Rebate

(I've always wanted an upgade. It's the fabled fruit which produces the key ingredient of Gatorade beverages. Harvested before it becomes a downgade.)

Typed as a question on the final test in a game design class:

"You are part of a team to develop a game, what does the terminology need to be used to communicate to others within the team in developing the initial screens and menus the player encounters when first starting the game?"

(This question is about communication. If that's irony, it isn't Socratic.)

The second example was provided by a vulpine friend of mine. If you see anything I ought to include in a worldedit entry, feel free to email me at

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