Sunday, September 5, 2010

Job Updates

Logos has offered me a contract position for ninety days as a writer/editor for an art history course -- the same one I edited as a sample earlier this summer. It's at a lower wage than I normally get for contract editing: with the higher taxes of the self-employed, it'll virtually be minimum wage. But I'll get to use my Mesoamerican history, which is a bonus. It's also superior in its very impermanence: Thorn won't need daycare, I'll still have writing and gym time, and we'll be moveable pending Sparrow's jobhunt next summer. A surprising ending, really, as the second interviewer has still failed to contact me. I can't say I'm impressed with their handling of the interview process, but I'm sure the company will improve upon closer aquaintance. Anyway, that's an end to it.

In other news, I got my first rejection as a writer. The rejection wasn't for "A Judge of Her People," which is still in consideration, but for a second story, "Raj," which was a glorified writing exercise I sent out on a lark. It was a lovely rejection: my wee tale was "beautifully written and has great voice," but was more of a vignette than a story in itself. And I'd totally agree. Overall, it was more of a success than a failure. My next sci-fi, "Commencement," will be sent out sometime this week or next, pending good reviews from my readers. So the pen flows.

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