Monday, January 10, 2011

Mourning in Tuscon

I keep seeing the little girl. She was nine. Born, as the media says, on the 11th of September in 2001, she had a keen interest in politics. She was probably excited to meet a congresswoman. I hope Gabrielle Giffords survives. I hope she is fit enough to return to her work. But I keep thinking and seeing that little girl. My heart is with her parents, her grand-parents, and the rest of her family. In the hullabaloo that followed the shooting, I have read few pieces that fit well with me. Here are a few that I thought I'd share:

From Salon's Laura Miller: The real message of Loughner's book list

From The New Republic's Jonathan Chait: The Arizona Shooting Is Not A Product of Right-Wing Rage

From The New Republic's Jonathan Cohn: A Portrait of a Disturbed Assassin

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