Saturday, January 1, 2011


I have never had much interest in year-end or year-beginning celebrations. One day is much like another, and I do not see why the 31st of December should receive more excitement than the 22nd of August or the 3rd of May. Still, at this time of year, in order not to seem a total curmudgeon, I do make a habit of writing out a little list of resolutions. Most are banal, but some will add value to my future days.

1. Successfully complete the 2011 Fifty Book a Year challenge.
2. Submit two chapters of my dissertation to my advisors.
3. Write something daily.
4. Continue to curb annoying web-surfing habits.
5. Maintain organizational systems put in place during 2010.
6. Improve organizational systems put in place during 2010.
7. Lose 20 pounds.
8. Take more pictures of Thorn.
9. Keep book journal.
10. Write Fox letters.
11. Cook at home more.
12. Use each of my cooking gadgets at least once this year.
13. Get my borrowed library books under 100.
14. Host a game night once every other month.
15. Look for ways to be more innovative in the classroom.

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