Sunday, July 17, 2011

Always the Unexpected

We will not go home today. Although Fox had a decent night off the epidural, she did not have a good morning. Ibuprofen and acetaminophen are not cutting it in the pain management department. The doctor came in this morning, and he ordered a stronger medicine: House's infamous vicodin. We will see if that alleviates some of Fox's discomfort. We can only hope so. Tomorrow is the last official day that someone can stay in the hospital for a normal childbirth, and Fox very much wants to get out of this hospital. For her it has been 17 days now.
Little Kit is well. He eats beautifully, sleeps well, and has been transitioning very well to this second and longest phase of human life. We look forward very much to taking him home tomorrow, and for introducing his brother to him as soon as possible. I miss my Thorn a lot, and I long for the chance for my family to be all together under one roof.
I have noted that we say stupid things when someone is in pain.
"Everything will be okay."
True, but knowing that does not always help in the moment of discomfort.
"Most people feel better by now."
Okay, but only one person is in pain right now.
And those were the highlights from this morning. When someone is in obvious pain, if our words cannot offer immediate succor, perhaps we should be silent, or let our conversation drift away from pain.

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