Friday, July 1, 2011

Fox and Institutionalized Food

Hospitals are not restaurants. The food that they serve is meant to sustain life. It need not please the palate. But we did wonder - with the state of current knowledge on nutrition, why is so much of what Fox received today pure sugar? I guess sugar is easy and relatively safe, but Fox wanted to know why, after so much time and energy spent eating well for the baby, when she gets to the hospital all she gets is sugar? It seems strange. Any thoughts? I need something to occupy my mind right now and this seems as good a thing as any.

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  1. Consider who is paying for the food - corn (syrup) is cheap due to aggressive agricultural subsidies.

    Many people are hooked on carbohydrates without knowing it and sugary food makes them easier to deal with.

    The hospital buys food in large quantities. Empty calories, as you point out, store quite a bit better than nutrient rich food. It can be tough to find good food at all in palette-sized quantities.

    How does hospital food compare to school lunches(another version of institutional food on a budget)?