Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Food News

Today we have seen a converging of events, so it seemed the best time to write a blog entry. This way, if some of the information is tedious, I'll be too busy going onto the next item for you to get bored. How considerate of me. Really.

Thorn will be eight months in two days. He's right on target, leaping over his baby milestones one at a time. He crawls, he babbles ("dad" is still his favorite word), and he's eating solid foods with only an occasional raspberry splatter. Today, I gave him his first bite of meat, which smelled of dog food but didn't taste awful (yes, I taste His Highness's food first). Having secured the viscous pink goo in his mouth, I sat back to see what would happen. After a pause in which he rolled the stuff around his tongue, he closed his eyes and shuddered. Seeing as I've read so many Pearl S. Buck novels lately, the first thing I thought was, "Heavens! He's a Buddhist!" I've since come to my senses and mixed the chicken with vegetables. Now he's fine. He wasn't a Buddhist; he was a gourmet.

Thorn is also about to secure another milestone, too: today, having felt Thorn's gums, Sparrow exclaimed, "I think we'll be seeing a tooth soon!" His words were prophetic, for pulling back Thorn's lower lip revealed a tiny ridge of white. This, of course, touched my alter ego (who, for those uninitiated, is a rather flamboyant fey thing), who instantly began to wonder what color Thorn's toothbrush should be. I think he might be settling on orange.

In other news, I put on my engagement ring today. It fit. Breastfeeding is the best diet ever.

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  1. I had a sneeking suspicion that Josie might be a vergetarian because of that same shudder. The moment she realized that she was smooshing meat with her tongue, the shudder was upon her and the dry heaving began. She's still not into it - we can only get about three bites in before she utterly refuses to trust us.

    Wow teeth - Josie will be jealous! And I concur about the breastfeeding:)