Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tooth? No, Teeth

Thorn is eight-months old today. In that time he has learned to crawl, learned to say "Dad", "Da-da", "daddy", "ma", "mom", and "goo", though only "goo" and "da-da" with any regularity, learned to hold his own bottle, and has mastered the technique of getting his parents to pick up after him, which, I imagine, will have terrible ramifications later. But, what has got our attention piqued this week has been the appearance of a tooth, which, today, became the appearance of teeth. Tristan's two bottom central incisors have appeared. This has made his teething worse, naturally, and his sleep cycle is less a cycle and more a series of kick-filled naps. But we have teeth! Little, ridgy baby teeth. To think that a year ago we were still imagining what he eyes would look like...

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